5 Excellent DIY Home Projects For Your Home Improvement

Your home needs an upgrade but your fund restricts you from home improvements. It is true that home renovation and remodeling can be expensive but few things are there that can be done to enhance your space with a limited budget. Check a few excellent DIY home projects that will improve your home utterly i.e. from the kitchen to washroom and the living room to the bedroom which can be finished on weekends.

Recently I got my bathroom vanity updated with a concrete countertop. So, thought to share a few DIYs in affordable options. My concern is that even if you are a renter you can use these ideas to create your space interesting without digging a hole in your pocket. So let us begin:

1. Painting Cabinets: If you are thinking to remodel your kitchen painting cabinets can do wonders. Repainting is easy and you can do it without help. But before you begin prepping the surface is required so that it turns out right. People often do mistakes here and later mess up things. Learn them on the internet from professional tutorials.

How to Do It: Remove cabinet doors and hardware. Apply wood filler leave it for two hours minimum and then lightly even it with sandpaper. Again repeat the process, once dried apply deglosser.

2. Face-lifting Old Bathroom Cabinets: An outdated looking cabinet looks old and boring. There is a cool technique by which you can revamp bathroom cabinets. Trust me it will be a standout.

How to Do It: Remove drawers and doors and keep it in a bag with detached tools like screws, holders, hinges, etc. Use sand blocks that helps a lot. Get a stain and different sized brushes. Paint top coat for a glossy finish.

3. DIY Easy Window Trim: You don’t need any fancy tools to get your window trimmed. This will help you update your old windows without a professional. Save money and get a fantastic looking window that is completely DIY.

How to Do It: Collect tools: hammer, screws, nails, window frame, trim caulk, paint, and jigsaw. Cut and still window through wooden logs. Use brad nails to fix the trim. Apply caulk where you see the gap between window and wall. Paint it with two coats.

4. Updating Vanity Concrete: This modern chic décor is something to die for. It is artistic and replaces the outdated countertop with a new modern one.

How to Do It: Remove faucet and sand your countertop. Mix concrete and make it like thick pancake batter. Let it sit for a few minutes and apply a thin coat on marble. Repeat process without messing. Apply to sink basin spread and allow it to dry. Scrub until smooth and repeat coats. Apply sealer and let it dry.

5. Painting Tub and Tiles: Ripping out ceramic tiles is a hectic and costly job we all know. This needs professional, efforts and time. When you want something budgeted it is good to skip a huge process. Hence I stuck with easy DIY that is painting. This is, however, a temporary fix but is budgeted and can be repainted after a year or two.

How to Do It: You will need paint brushes, cover stain primer/ sealer, foam roller, and paint. With the help of roller apply primer and then paint it before this scrub with solution and repeat. Repeat until you get a smooth surface to work on.


If you like these projects do share it with your friends. Also, don’t forget to pin it. If you have any suggestions or queries write to us in the comment box below. Have a good day!